Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday 15.03.2010

Picture taken by akmaladanan at Ahmad & Intan Reception, December 19, 2010

There is nothing to share today ... after full day working on saturday and sunday last week, I severely finished marking 64 handwritten answers of the fellows just now ...and guess what? the headache strike me out. Yeayy! Today (yesterday actually) was considered as my effective day as im able to accomplished a lot of things that has been planned early this morning. The leave application done, convocation confirmation done, test done, research proposal done, house rent done etc ...but yet still figuring out time to do my album. Hopefully I would have time tomorrow. Im going to have shower late at night like now - 1218hrs, and then read books for the attending class tomorrow. Wish me luck then ...bye

Akmal Adanan

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