Wednesday, March 10, 2010


1. Once in the bluemoon, I would go through all of my old images in the hard disk. Whatever the reason is, I believe you may also did that. Sometime we may found a picture without values at all. The composition is out, exposure is spoiled, the color is everywhere, etc... The best thing to do is - send it to the dustbin straightaway. But wait! apparently, u could do something to make it works. We have 'kedai gambar' or photoshop to fix it out. By maybe few minutes, the useless picture could be transform into something better. example:

2. The 1st picture was after some touch up and photo manipulation and below is the original one... How did you find it guys? give ur opinion later okey!

3. Im suffering bad headache now ...i need to submit research proposal on March 12, 2010. Again millions of album pending? what else, study, classes... another perbarisan this Friday, class trip on Saturday and in charge with Selangkah ke UiTM carnival on Sunday. Full activity with full responsibilities ...great isn't it :)

4. Already 12.10am and still at the office....going back home laaa frens!!! cheers

Akmal Adanan,

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