Friday, January 1, 2010


1. First and foremost, I wish happy new year [2010] to all of you. So many thanks for all your courtesy and support. Hope 2010 will bring us more prosperity and cheers. Pretty much, this year would be my fifth year im involved in the photography industry. I have so much great time and experience learning photography skills and techniques within the period of time. Thanks to all my my guru[s] and friends who involve direct and indirectly through the process.

2. This entry would be very special. The Reception of Ahmad & Intan was held on the December 19, 2009, Intekma Resort, Shah Alam. The event was great. The Bride & Groom wearing a set of gold creamy dress, with fresh flower, and white pelamin. Everything were exclusively done for them and I believe they are very happy with that. Lets view some of the images I have photographed.

3. Next entry will be Majlis Bertandang at Klang, then followed by Reception of Yus Azli & Enie from Bangi. Im sorry for late update. Really buzy with my current job responsibility... I wish I would have more time to upload more pictures in my HDD. Keep on viewing ..

Signing off...

Akmal Adanan, 0127655165


pretty gf said...
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pretty gf said...

thanks for the precious moments captured! hope to see more 'bersanding' pics!