Monday, December 28, 2009


1. Earlier this morning (Sunday) I have an outdoor photoshoot in Putrajaya. The lucky couple for today were Ahmad & Intan. Thanks to the couple to spend their valuable time, and my team mates Mior & Diela for the assist. Also many thanks to Izzah, a super successful make up artist. Izzah, frankly said, it was great! The weather was good, the brides was sporting. Everyone enjoyed the session very much.

2. Finish of the session, we get back to Shah Alam, having lunch at McD and straight away going home. Soon after that, I transferred all the images and continue designing my album. It was so tiring working in the exhausted condition. That was the only choice, I have to work extra to catch up the dateline. Started at 2pm, and stop at 4.30pm to take a very short nap, and further, continue designing the album from 6pm till 10pm.

Friday 25.12 - Design album from 8pm-1am (Miza Kopitiam)
Saturday 26.12 - Shoot Wedding Assignment (Bangi)
Sunday 27.12 - Shoot An Outdoor Session (Putrajaya), Design Album, Moving to Malacca
Monday 28.12 - Report Duty

3. Just arrived in Malacca approximately 1am. New chapter of my life were in the couple of hours in front. Now I am in a positive and eagerness mode. Everything was ready for tomorrow. It is 3am now. It is a good time to sleep now, or else I wont sleep at all. Will update more photograph later in the next entry...

Signing off,
Akmal Adanan, 0127655165

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Acai said...

Waaa mal, sedihlah plak ko dah berjauhan ni..tak dapat nak blanje ko,hehe..:) semoga ko terus success kat sana ye..walaupun jarang jumpa tapi selalu tau ko ada kat mcD seksyen 3 tu..sekarang takde lagi,huhu...ko kenalah cari port nak cari idea pasni,hehe..tahniah dari aku mal..buat yang terbaik untuk hidup ko..kahwin jangan lupa jemput wei!!