Tuesday, January 5, 2010


1. Today is my second week in UiTM Malacca. Im super busy like a superhero ....like Superman kind of thing. Just I still dont know how to fly. Now, I just started to miss all my friends in Shah Alam, Bangi, Klang, Bangsar, Kajang, where else.. and also in UK. It is something wired to stay away from them. No more tt at Miza, bday bash celebrations, photoshoot assignments etc. I wish I would have time to meet photography enthusiasm in Malacca soon.

2. The Reception of Ahmad & Intan was held on the December 20th, 2009, in Klang, Selangor. It was quite late to update December assignments. Even more exciting, i have another two more events to be updated in queue. So, I have to do it very fast now. To Ahmad & Intan, Hope both of you were happy to see those pictures presented below. Your album design is also in queue. So, both of you, just make yourself very busy... no need to worried about the album. I will update you when the design is ready =)

3. Thanks to all the readers & followers to spend their time to view & read this blog. Personally I appreciate it a lot. Pls make yourself comfortable to leave your comments to me. Happy New Year guys ...take care and peace to all!

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pretty gf said...

muchas gracias, Akmal! the pics are awesome as always! my sister asked, do u have flower girl punye gambar during bersanding event tu? its a special request! hehe.