Tuesday, December 1, 2009


1. I would like to share some of the photos from the post wedding photoshoot of the newly wed Aniq & Rizna. It was held on last Tuesday around Shah Alam area. Thanks to Aniq & Rizna, even still feel tired on their last reception, and facing extremely hot and dusty weather, they keep themselves motivated on the photo shoot session on that day. Cool !!!

2. I would also like to express many thanks to Qayyum, Arfeng and Hafiz for the courteous making this happen. Appreciate your helps bro..... Im actually love this photo session very much. I have imagine this for quite sometimes and eventually this has made my day. I have work extra for this. No problems on hot weather, dusty air etc. I only think to acquire good pictures for this. Consequently, I got fever soon after the session, maybe because of the weather that I have mention earlier. For all my lovely readers, enjoy the photos below ....and dont hesitate to give some comments!

3. Hope everyone of you happy with the results, especially to Aniq & Rizna. Actually it was a lot of pictures still in their CF cards, and I will collect it from them soon. I think, the rest, you will see it on the album later. For those who interested to have outdoor photoshoot, you can call/ sms me. Tell me your desired theme and I will try to make it happen. Cheers!

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cikpingu said...

comel pngntin 2.. hehe..
gmbr chantek.. cikpingu suke..

nanba said...

Takde apa nak komen gambar2 ko..
"saya mesti pilih"

akukaonal said...

mak aih.. bestnya tmpt ni... bj pon ikot bckground kaler..

gmbr memg chanteeek.. =]