Thursday, December 17, 2009


1. First of all, i would like to wish 'Selamat Pengantin Baru' for Danny & Azlina. The solemnization was ran smoothly and full with fun. Azlina was seems like to be addicted with her Mafia Wars, yet still playing the game while preparing herself to be a wife =) hehehe, me myself dont know how to play it. Hopefully you can teach me in soon...

2. Danny & Azlina was a friend of my ex client, Khalid & Surya. That's how the power of 'word of mouth' works. I believe we have a great photoshoot session last saturday (12.12.2009). They gave 100% commitment and i am happy with the results. Unfortunately, we dont have enough time to do proper outdoor photoshoot. Without further due, let see the event through their pictures below.

3. Thanks to all the frends and family for great hospitality. For the breakfast lunch and everything, appreciate it much. Also many thanks to my lit brother who helped me on location, as well as Hakim jb to pay a visit at the mosque. To Danny & Azlina, meet both of you on January okeyy! PEACE ...

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Rosli Arof / Foto Republic said...

as usual bro...hebat kreativiti kamu.


Rosli, thanks a lot for ur time,
singgah blog aku.. siap leave comment
appreciate it a lot ...

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