Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Trip To Remember: Jb !!!

1. January 2013 was 1 of the busiest week i ever had this year (so far). I have to do quite many tasks at 1 time. Marketing Arm Strategic Plan for 2013, assisting to design and printing JB Tour tee, YPTK 4 days tour, 'helping' organizing tourism festival and attending classes as usual.

Proud members of JB Trip 2013
Sesi post mortem terakhir
Love the tee so much!!!
Everyone is happy, this is what we called affective learning!!!

2. The word helping may seems very simple, but its not as easy as you think bcoz someone has to know how to carry out their responsibilities well. Whatever it is, life goes on ....

3. This weekend, i also involved indirectly in tour guiding class trip in jb. It was full of fun. I love the teamwork demonstrated in the activities the had in the tour.

Happy chinese new year ...


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Akmal Adanan
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