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DATE: March 21st, 2009
VENUE: Precinct 2, Putrajaya adjacent to the ‘Monumen Alaf Baru’
TAG: Self Assignment

Last Saturday, I went to Putrajaya ......again (3times in a row) :) to do an assignment for my tourism planning & environment class. We were asked by our lecturer Dr.Khairil to pay a visit, and evaluate how this event affects the environment, in term of facilities offered, traffic, littering, visitors flow, excitement of the event etc. Akmal went from Shah Alam - not with my classmates, but with my enemies ...who else, hhehheee Tom & Qayyum ...

It is an international event. First time hosted in Malaysia, it showcased for 4 days from March 19 to March 22, 2009. In total 19 countries took place in this event (Australia, Belgium, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Newzealand, Oman, Philippines, Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK dan USA) …. and 25 hot balloons (20 standard and 5 special shaped hot air balloons) were participated.) OK, for visual report, I present couples of images below. =) enjoy!

Sampai kat Putrajaya around 4ptg. Terus jumpe hakim dtg jauh dr muar (nk jumpe sape hakim)ekekee. Panas bukan main. tp eloklahh, cuaca baik kan.. tp yg bestnye, mcm trend masa kini, ramai btol remaja2 menggantung DSLR di badan. Masing2 mempunya kamera sendiri. Rasa malu pulak akmal bwk kamera hari tu. Masing2 dengan beg galas yg besar2, tripod dan segala accessories. Akmal plak, bwk kamera je. Flash pon Xbawak. Hem, redah je laaaa ....nk buat asgnmt pon kan. Sayangnye, ptg tu Xbanyak ballon yg berlepas, sbb keadaan angin yg begitu kuat, mungkin boleh membahayakan penonton yg hadir... ape yg akmal dapat ..ini je laaaaaa ...

So, shoot punya shoot, sampai ke malam. Then, tiba2 dpt panggilan dari Engku. Sempat laa berTT sekejap kat kedai.. minum milo ais, hilangkan dahaga ... Malam tu event bersambung dengan balloon show, like fire dance following the ryhtm of the musics. Best, tp susah sket nk amek gambar sbb 1st, Xde tripod .... 2nd, cepat sungguh pergerakan api nie ...eheheh =) Alhamdulillah ...nasib ade media pass dpt masuk dlm, klu tidak, jenguk dari luar pagar je laaaaa

Seriously, it is a worth visits and give me great experience to watch all the flow of the event. Great wheather, great crowds, good location and creating happening events. 1st time in my life to see the hot balloon live. That previously can only watch in television. Able to talk with Bro Sheikh Faleigh, this event is self funded by an organization, independently struggle to share the event with all Malaysians. I also talk to one of the participants, Mdm Mark from Belgium. She use to work in this balloon arena for quite sometime with his husband. Hot balloon is an expensive sports, popular in Belgium. It cost about 30,000.00 Belgium Euro each balloon.

Bro Sheikh, if u read this blog, thanks to all the team to make this happen!
It was a very exciting event!!! On behalf of Malaysians, we cant wait another event in future :)
Akmal Adanan, Photographer
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AyAres151 said...

birunya langit diaaa....

hakimsalleh said...

E'eh..gambar saya masuk internet lah! papehal sonok shooting ngn ko mal wpun hilang dunia jap bile dah naik syeh..till nxt time bro!

rahmat said...

owh besownye cermin mata ko mal....fesyen baru eh?ekekekkkkk...!!

sheikh faleigh said...

just read yr blog

u can count on me to bring more 'new' industry and ofcoz events in malaysia...asyik asyik basikal dengan kapal layar boring bro!