Friday, August 7, 2009


1. Im now very busy with my album design... 2 albums left. Now, working on Haqim & Aishah's album. Hope you two can wait.

2. Also busy with my research on progress. Just completed the intro part, and some on the instrumental part.

3. Tonight, we have a small kenduri at my blok. I dont know how Im going to watch my favourite show ..ehhehe, choose choose ...

4. Yesterday, I manage to buy a pair of new shoes... and new sonic gear ear set for my mac.8040. At night accompanied my good fren for his new 70-200L 2.8!!! and attend c9 meeting at 11pm. Time seems running sooo FAST.

5. This blog is like to be my own diary this temporary time. Hope u dont mind.

note: going to take bath, watch news, and go to the kenduri.. hehe bestnye Ramadhan is around.

Ok signing off,
Akmal Adanan

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haqim_aishah said...

Kami tgk semua gambar memang cun.. nak cepat skit... hee5.. tak sabar ni.. DaRi Haqim&Aishah