Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hi, akmal still figure out this blog, ade sikit-sikit penambahbaikkan utk menjadikan ia lebih mudah dilihat, mudah difahami dan lebih kemas. Insyaallah after everything in place akmal akan officially announce pemindahan kuasa dari fotopages ke blog ini. Semoga semuanya akan berjalan dengan lancar hendaknya.. amin. Entry kali nie akmal just nk tolong my friend on his new project. The detail is as below.

*please rename your pictures and make it as a caption..example, "IMG_1234" rename it "My house". ZIP your file to make it easier
his is for a magazine project,the selected picture will be notified by email and all the paper work also will be send through email. Interested anyone?Do send your artworks before 5th March 2009.
Joe Zakaria - 012-2516345

Photographers/ everyone out there, it seems like a good project right. Kindly share ur best 'travel' pictures in this project. Don't be hesitate to do that, who knows it would be successfully selected =) Hopefully this can help you. If anything you can ask from JoeZakaria directly on hos phone. Thank you for reading!

Akmal Adanan, Photographer

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