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DATE: January 26th, 2009
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Hi, just after 2 days gap, akmal sekali lagi dijemput oleh yus utk membantu beliau dlm next assignment (alhamdulillah eyy yus, aku tumpang gembira) ...oh kali nie 4org dtg bersama shoot at Dewan Wisma Sejarah, Kuala Lumpur - yus, akmal, nain, ajib and azizi. alhamdulillah sumenye berjalan lancar. Akmal bertolak dr shah alam 8.00am, utk cover nadia's make up session, but then i am appointed to cover at the hall and ajib took over my position... ape yg special? dewan wisma sejarah nie mempunyai sistem lampu yg terang, so mudah utk kita dptkan gambar yg clean + clear. and, sgt special, akmal lagi sekali dpt pinjam 5d MII en. nain. actually mmg dpt pakai masa outdoor last day. Sumpah dah Xnak jumpe nain nie lagi, sbb racun parakuat die sungguh mujarab!! ahahahaaa alih2 ade pulak muncul kat dewan hari nie .. adoi, pening Xpenng mmg kene layannn jugak 5d MII nie ... syiok je member nie shoot at 6400 iso's ...adeiiii majlis elly and nadia berjalan lancar, everyone is happy ...

Akmal Xbyk shoot di dalam dewan, i byk bertugas in PR, helping the OP- official photographer to arrange group photos, and some couple of pose etc's... yet very exciting job, since I only facing little pressures not as an OP does. You know what, it is a very big pressure for an OP to work in such environment, 1. Limited Time to produce best pictures, 2. Environment in which Mood and Location is always changing, 3.Tricky Light/ metering, 4.Managing a big crowd of people, with different kind perspective and belief, and Controlling the sophicicated photography system .... It is not an easy responsible to be an OP ....a lot of things to put into consideration ..... =D

Ohhhh, sorry2 ...mesti byk yg merungut nie, byk pulak membebel kali nie.... ok ok smbg citer, after shoot kat dewan wisma sejarah, kami terus ke Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, ramai btol manusia, tp mmg best, kami dpt mencari all the best shots ...abis jalan satu taman yg besar tu, tiba2 rase kaki dah sakit, sebab sgt penat wakakakkaaa ..... enjoy the pictures okaayyyyyy !!!!!

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