Thursday, February 24, 2011

Solemnization Christ & Patricia Part 2

1. As promised, I present the pictures of Christopher & Patricia during their big day!! :) This is one of my toughest experience to document wedding ceremony in church. For your information, most of the pictures are taken with no flash. The protocol inside of the church is also tight. i.e: where we could stand, when we could/couldnt snap pictures are also taken in consideration. How did i do that? Thanks for Christ for the briefing just before the event taken place. Also most important thing is thank you that i have a very good team; Ajib, Shahril Izwan and Fitri.

2. We were separated into two teams covering the bride and the groom. Started from the preparation, followed by solemnization, and dinner at Dewan Peladang, Jalan Templer. In that very night, we also manage to prepare a slideshow of the event happening early that afternoon. Seems that everyone like it ... :)

3. All in all, we enjoyed our moment the whole day from morning till night. I like documenting church wedding ...first, because the event was unique, 2nd it really push my adrenaline and creativity and lastly I like to be friend to all races because we are all 1 Malaysia. Thanks to Christ & Pat believing us to capture ur big day!! Thanks to the family that was very sporting to us. Till meet u again.. Appreciate if u guys could leave some comments here. Thank you =)

* Gambar-gambar di atas diambil dari CF Akmal dan juga Ajib ...
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Akmal Adanan


Anonymous said...

Malay photographers capturing Indian wedding =)
*it must be a great experience!!!!

kurt @syamaizar said...

what can i say....WALLAAAAA!!!! :)

chris7 said...

Dear Akmal,

A wonderful wedding can seen from the photos taken. All the pictures are awesome and even my cousin (sherilyn rachel) posted one of the picture as her profile picture in her fb (she said her best picture ever in her life. Your friend really brighten a little girl's heart). That shows how attractive and beautiful the pictures and our wedding. We are very glad to have you and your team as our photographers. Your team is really friendly, professional and nice guys, me and my family and my wife's side appreciate their presence and their good gesture. Can give you and your team an award for 'best hospitality award'. Now, we can't wait to see all the pictures and the designed album from you. We are really excited about it. Thank you again, and God Bless.