Friday, October 8, 2010


HTT257 Students in front of the Islamic Art Museum, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1. This is my 4th class trip that i've joined so far for this semester (JUL-OCT 2010). The first trip was carried out sometime in July. Then we were all resting for the whole month of August (fasting month). Just after Hari Raya, we went up to Penang, followed by KL, and today We were now at Alor Setar, Kedah. Even I dont have weekend for the past one month, I feel so happy to be part of the trip ..visiting a lot of places and experience a lot of student's activities.

2. Me & Tania and the students were having a very BIG Breakfast early this morning... eating Bariani Kambing + Roti Kosong under a Cherry three. That was really a satisfaction! I think I wouldn't eating any kind of food for another 2 days... We are now having some time to rest before going to The Carnival, Sg. Petani to experience some water base activities.

3. Not bad to be in Alor Star, Kedah ..peaceful even the price of water was increased recently =) Very sad we are unable to climb up the Menara Alor Star today. They are doing some renovation on it ....sighh.

Rest .....yeayyyy!!
*Phobia2 make me laugh till cry!!!

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Akmal Adanan


F-Zahrae said...

that sounds pretty cool! i love trips!! that's awesoooome!! carry on Akmal


Zahree!! thanksss a lot ...everyone loves to travel rite?