Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My Apple projector Cord

1. I lost my beloved Apple Projector Cord yesterday (04.10.10) ... That was the scariest feeling i could ever imagine. It is like losing something very important things in life. Wanted to cry but i dont think it is good for health. Yess, out of hundreds of student using the same class... the probability to get the cord back was so unsure. There is like no hope that I could ever find the device.. So, as a very calm and gentleman person, i suddenly had a very cool solution idea.

2. I announced the situation to thousands of fb walls in my friend list. Thanks to those people who replied. Fortunately, in half and hour someone responded with a very good and convincing report. She said ...her friend might be the one who found the device. Yeayyyyy!!! I am extremely happy. Early this morning, she returned the cord back to my hand... Alhamdulillah, it is still mine. Will make sure it will always safe in my keeping.

3. I would like to express my gratitude to Athirah 'akak'. Because of you, Me and the beloved cord were still together ..I owe u a cool blog. Thank you to facebook ...ahaaa thanks =) LINK

Akmal Adanan


athirah said...

hahaha it is nothing la, really. again, glad that I could help :)

btw, I assume yg nanti u belanja cool blog tu as my birthday present. the same day u hilang projector cord u tu. :D


athirah?? ur bday ker on the 4th ...hehe
happy bday to u ...makin tua laa akak
ok smlm i Xjumpe u. dtg office nt k