Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Big Bad Wolf 2012/ Vol.2.0

1. The largest book fair in the world BBW'12 has come to the end ...it was one of the best fair I have attended so far ...my wife & I spent more or less 7hrs to select thousand of books in the hall ..let me share u all the pictures taken in the hall ... :)

Kami kami at Johor Premium Outlet just before departed to BBW'12, The Mines


Buku utk dipilih
Nafsu memuncak tgk buku tebal2, cuba RM10-RM15 jer
I like the sugn very much ...
Our responsibility
Cari buku sampai anak tertinggal ...
View from the top
Bersama buku yang last telah dipilih ...
Di atas book fair ini ada tempat makan menarik ....Pizza Hut
Ice cream pon ada
U shud try this also ..
Wife with her favourite masak-masak book

2. Overall, we were enjoyed and overwhelmed ...the books are unbelievably cheap!!!

3. We do think the organizer have done a very good job ...everything was in order. The book fair, the surrounding, facilities, food court, signage, and especially the customer service was super great!!! ....they always greet the customers, giving warm smiles, enthusiastic and very helpfull.

4. Can't wait for another BBW next year!!!

Merry Christmas buddy!!

*JHB (JPO) - KUL (Mines) - PNG (Georgetown)

Akmal Adanan
Penang Street, Penang
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