Monday, October 12, 2009

SKATEBOARDING @SEC.13 Shah Alam Extreme Park

1. I love to capture anything in this world ..this is what my photography about. Last Saturday, i received an adhoc invitation from Jidin and AzharAriff for a strobist photoshoot. Its quite sometime havent went for outing, thus, this was really a nice one.

2. Since it was an adhoc outing, all my gear wasn't ready. Therefore, i would like to thanks Azahar for lending me his battery (body), and Jidin for the AA battery. Without it, sure i cant sleep that night though.

3. It as only 2 hours outing. Started at 7pm ended up at 9pm. Very short and sweet one. We (Azahar & Jidin yg set up - I tengok and study jer) plan the composition, organize the lighting and straight away shoot the actions. We found that skaters are very cool... friendly, and easy to mingle with.

Versi jatuh-jatuh ...biasa laa main skate mesti jatuh ...

4. I think most of us not very satisfied (except for the killer shot by Jidin)... and pretty sure will coming back sometime next week. Im quite satisfied with my 1st picture, however will find another killer shots next round...

5. Till then, still struggling to tide up my new house. See you for those attending SN class at UM tonite. bye ...

*My photos are only illustrated through my eyes and blind perspective ...(Im not even involve in skates sports)... to view a point of view from x-skaters, kindly click those link below:-
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