Monday, June 3, 2013

Projector Fixed

SMS fr Highpoint

1. Alhamdulillah, last week Tuesday aku send projector aku ke Highpoint Service Center appointed by Acer.. Tepat seminggu dapat SMS fr Customer Service yang projector was fixed and aku boleh collect the item within 3 days.

2. So far aku sangat happy dengan kualiti service yg diberikan oleh Acer. Yes, the product was broke/ failed to function once or twice... But the most important thing is, they know how to set it right. Next week class nak start, so dah boleh guna dgn happy nanti.

3. Now at JJ nak cari some CDs, stationaries and files for Curiculum Review tmrw. Mineral water etc.. Sementara tu minum kopi amek mood kejap... Tak tau kenapa, letih sangat badan aku hari nie. Maybe kena kayuh lebih biar bertenaga sikit kot.


Hasil Cam Scanner

Hari ni saja nk share 1 application named CamScanner, which you can scan ur document(s) using ur smartphone. Plus, u can also write some notes before it was sent to respective recipient. Have a try!!

Akmal Adanan

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