Wednesday, September 11, 2013

HATiC AGM 2013

Well done everyone for organizing such a beautiful event ...!! Location: Shah Beach Resort, Klebang, Melaka. Ibtisam (HATiC Advisor), Faizal (HATiC YDP) and Amin (Project Leader).. you guys rock!!! What more i could say ...everyone was overwhelmed with the theme, food, performances & the event as a whole ...

Tahniah Azim to be selected as YDP HATiC for 2013/2014 Season. More to come ..see you again next year.

Pada petang itu, aku sempat ke Rumah Terbuka Pejabat Pelancongan Malaysia, Melaka. Lokasi di rumah Pengarah Tourism Malaysia Melaka, En. Jefri ...mmg best jumpa all kawan2 lama di dalam industri. Mr. Jardin (France) also there in the open house. Great!!

Also to my best friend, Tania was a great pleasure & experience working with you for the past 3++ years. This would be the last event in Melaka before departed to Sabah end of this month. Time flies very fast ...till meet you again in KL or somewhere in this small tiny world.

Akmal Adanan, Photographer

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