Monday, January 24, 2011

HATIC sets a new Hope for 2011!!

Congratulations Syafiq and his HATIC team for organising and ensuring the success of today's event. With a few minor glitches, it is definitely part and parcel to any event organising. Nonetheless, I'm proud that these bunch of students worked hard and together they have reached the objective of the event which is to create closer relationships between students of different semesters as well as have created a positive impact through a small club and faculty event.Congratulations to all who were involved! (wrote by Tania @

I love the SPIRITS of the TEAM !!! VERY MUCH ..U guys are very good and so talented. Enjoyed myself working with everyone of you as a TEAM. I would also CONGRATULATES Syafiq who successfully lead the people to this level !! Ilyas ..and the rest involved (You guys are VERY IMPORTANT)!! And not to forget, Adek (Fast Track Part2) who has working day and night to prepare the proposal ...months ago.

Im so touched to see u guys cried celebrating our DAY last night!!
This team has reminded my old days here in UiTM Melaka :) seriously.
[Wrote by Me]


yeah :) me either . enjoy for being one of da committee member . love da spirit damn much . hope we can work as a workteam again :)
and forgot to thanks milliiiiooon thanks to da charming sir akmal n cutey and lovey miss tania for allowed us (ain, mahirah,zareena and qila) join this crazy and happening team ! <3
[wrote by Ain, DTM3B]

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Akmal Adanan,


si unique said...

Bestnya..rugi tak dapat join together seriously miss UiTM very much now.:)


Hi ..ape kabar kat tempat praktikal sana?
hrp kamu smua baik2 saja ..tu laaaa
Event kali ni agak bagus, nampak semua org unite
and berkenalan bersama!! terasa laa kehangatannya
next time korang mesti dijemput hadir ..insyaallahh!!

si unique said...

kat sini ok je..Cuma mula2 je pressure yelah tempat baru n suasana kerja yg busy.Insyalah kalau tak de problem kitorang datang ok :)