Tuesday, April 21, 2009


DATE: April 5th, 2009

Hi, first of all i would like to say sorry to all viewers ..who come over to my blog. Soorrry ..Im not able to update my blog even a single entry for quite sometimes. It was a very busy period for me back for the past 2-3weeks time. For opening, I would like to share my educational trip to UUM, Kedah, and PSU in Songkla Thailand. It was a very good trip as well very informative conference. Yes it was a great experience. I got opportunity get to know International students from UUM and PSU, came from various country -ilke Indonesia, Thailand, Tanzania, and Maldives. They are really nice, and friendly. hihihi ... =)

The whole story would take me hours to be completed ...hehe, dont worry, I manage to snap a few pictures to sum up the visit... The best part is, we manage to stop by at Sg.Dua Pulau Pinang. It was my first time reached that place - 'makan MEE UDANG'... yess really delicious. I will come again next time... SURE!!! To my fren Mosses, Im very sorry, I still owe you that DVD. But dont worry, I promise, it will be delivered to you soon. Hope u still can consider to wait ... ;) The rest, enjoy the photos okayyy!!!

Now, Im in the end of my 2nd semester ...really pack with all those coursework assignments.. and also tight with photography schedule as well. Hopefully I could manage to balance it. So, Insyaallah, I will share another story of being a student and being a photographer at the same time. I have several more entries line up ...hopefully no lag in coming weeks ... PEACE =)

*congrates Dr.Norain.. for delivering a very good research findings on the conference in Thailand
*to all my frens in UUM, USM, PSU ...Dewi, Sara, Mario, Citra, Mohd, Rahman, Desmond, Magesh, Wee, Suraphong, Boa, Mosses, Ameelina, Farhan, .............., (pls add names im not listed here - and correct me if i wrongly spell ur name) stay contact ok!

Akmal Adanan, Photographer
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The Official Photographer for GFII AGM GFII President's Cup 2009, KGSAAS [Tan Sri Abu Hassan Omar] & MITI Golf Tournament 2009. KGSS [Tan Syi Muhyiddin Yassin]



Kechik said...

waaaaa jalan2 sana sini... sonok
gamba pon best.. kecik suke tgok gamba jalan2!!

Mohamed said...

Hi Akmal,

It was nice to meet u during this conference... n i red your blog n you are doing a great job...

keep it going and best of luck...

Maldivian student @ USM